Lunch and Snacks

Eating is a big part of every child’s day. Please feed your child a substantial breakfast before they come to school. In most elementary grades, children learn about nutritious, healthy foods through their health and science program and they may have cooking activities in class. During snack and lunch times teachers will sit and eat with the children and engage them in conversation about nutrition and about their food selections.

To comply with quality standards regarding food, the school cannot refrigerate or warm food; please use ice packs and thermoses and label your child’s lunchbox. If your child does not bring a lunchbox, please label all containers individually.

A variety of finger foods cut into child-size portions are best. Fresh and dried fruits, raw vegetables, whole grain breads, meats and high protein foods, dairy products and other healthy foods are suggested. Please do not pack foods that are high in sugar such as cookies and donuts. Water is recommended given that juice is high in sugar content. At times, it may be necessary for teachers to limit students from eating some of their packed foods if learning ability is affected by the high sugar or calorie food.

Children will be encouraged to eat what is in their lunch box. No food sharing is allowed. Any remaining lunch will go back into the lunch box, so parents can be aware of the amount and types of foods their child actually ate.

Currently, Malik Academy is a nuts, peanuts and sesame-free school. Parents are kindly requested to abstain from sending foods which contain:

  • Tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, pine nuts, and Brazil nuts).
  • Peanuts.
  • Sesame (including sesame oil found in Tahineh).

Please read the ingredients before you send snacks with your child and make sure to exclude these items from anything that’s cooked and brought to school.

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