Our Campus


AlBustan Preschool
Courtyard Level
808 Memorial Dr.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Elementary and Middle School

Malik Academy
ISBCC (3rd Floor)
100 Malcolm X Blvd,
Roxbury, MA 02119

Malik Academy is housed in the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center and is privileged to have students interact directly with the Imam and the Muslim community. It is very important that our students learn early on the importance of keeping the Masjid building clean and in top shape.

  • Students should not be left unsupervised in the building before and after school.
  • Elementary students should not ride the elevator by themselves.
  • Students should always be courteous to other community members and should be careful not to create any distractions to the people in acts of worship.
  • There is no gum allowed in the building.
  • No selling is allowed without prior permission from the school or building management.

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