Although parents are expected to volunteer some time to help school programs, everyone is welcome to contribute some of their time and experience to Malik Academy events and programs! Some of the areas where volunteer energy is welcomed include:

  • Provide a guest appearance in class to share a skill or artifact, read a book, speak about a culture or country, or to help in general.
  • Accompany children on or organize field trips.
  • Substitute for teachers when absent (if qualified).
  • Assist in planning special events (graduation, Eid party).
  • Make classroom materials (i.e. cutting, laminating).
  • Assist the administration in assigned tasks.
  • Assist with maintaining or improving the physical plant.
  • Care and maintain the classroom plants.
  • Support school technology.
  • Help with hot lunches.
  • Take photographs and videos during school events.
  • Maintain and repair library books.
  • Lead fundraising projects.
  • Help write grants.

Let Us Know how and when you would like to be involved!

Those who wish to volunteer in the classroom or accompany children on field trips will need to get a criminal background check (CORI). This is expected by any state licensing or accreditation agency for anyone who works with children. All volunteer hours will be logged and recorded.

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